Seaweed Eye Lift Gel

Seaweed Eye Lift Gel This luxurious eye lift gel, enriched with Hawaiian Seaweed extracts and moisturizing essential oils, is the answer for skin in need of rejuvenation.  It goes on silky smooth, feeling like a cream when it is actually a gel.  Using wax around the eyes leaves heavy build up, which can actually weigh down the delicate skin around the eyes.  This eye lift gel contains no wax; therefore it deeply penetrates without leaving behind any residue.  Aging, UV radiation, stress, pollution and many other factors weaken the skin's barrier of protection, causing dehydration, loss of firmness and the development of wrinkles.  Seaweed adds incredible richness to this eye lift gel, to better nourish the skin cells with its regenerating, remineralizing and rehydrating action.  Dipalmitoyl hydroxproline, a botanically derived substance, reduces wrinkles, stimulates collagen, remodels, and moisturizes the skin.  It leaves the skin feeling smoothed, rejuvenated and its tone restored. 

The anti-wrinkle activity results in a reduction on wrinkle area, depth and amount.  More potent and effective than vitamin C, dipalmitoyl hydroxproline stimulates remodeling and contraction of collagen fibers by promoting interaction between cells and the matrix.  It also protects elastic fibres against enzymatic breakdown and actively scavenges free radicals.

A combination of glycerin, water, glycoprotiens, and an herbal active complex of vegetable origin strongly stimulates cells, their metabolism and proliferation. It seeks out aged-damaged cells, leading to an improvement in the appearance of skin and restoration of firmer tone and suppleness.  Shea butter, particularly suited for dry and sensitive skin, is known for its softening effects on the skin and ability to counteract dehydration.  Squalane (from olives) also limits dehydration while improving the respiration of the skin.  The valley of the roses in Bulgaria where the roses have been hand picked for centuries is the birth place of the rosewater and rose essential oil added to this eye gel.  The effects are very hydrating and calming to the skin.  All of these beautiful ingredients in this wonderful Seaweed eye gel contribute to the effectiveness you'll notice in just a short time.  This eye gel is deeply penetrating, while gentle enough to be used around the eyes and contains no heavy waxes.  It is the vehicle which moisturizes, strengthens, and rejuvenates the skin, thus restoring tone and suppleness.

For use morning and night.  Press gently around eye area.


1/2 oz.   $60


Seaweed eye lift gel hydrates and calms the skin. Natural Hawaiian seaweed skin care products

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