Seaweed Hydrating Mask

Seaweed Hydrating Mask Rich in sea minerals from the shores of the Hawaiian Islands, this mask penetrates the stratum corneum with an abundance of ingredients that hydrate, protect against free radical damage, regenerate collagen, and smooth out wrinkles.  Hawaiian Seaweed added to this mask re-mineralizes and re-balances the skin leaving your skin toned, moisturized, and deeply nourished.  The healing properties of aloe make this mask suitable for all skin types in need of rejuvenation and healing.  Shea butter is known for its softening effects on the skin and its ability to counteract dehydration.  Squalane (from olives) helps smooth dry surface lines, hydrates, and restores the look of radiance to dull lifeless skin. Grape seed extract is a wonderful antioxidant, rich in vitamins C, D, E & K.   Organic flower waters (hydrosols) to enhance moisture.  Organic Bulgarian rose oil is used in this mask from the valley of the roses, where roses have been hand picked for centuries.  Rose has been used since the times of Cleopatra to preserve the most famous faces in history.  Calming and hydrating are the benefits you will experience with this high quality precious oil.  The essential oil of ylang ylang not only brings you to a total relaxation and bliss when inhaling the aroma, but also has moisturizing and balancing benefits for the skin. A lovely mask for all skin types especially dry, mature, sun damaged, and skin in need of rejuvenation.  

After freshly cleansing the skin with Seaweed cleanser, generously apply Seaweed mask on facial area, neck, and declotee.  Let mask dry for twenty minutes, then remove with warm water.


2 oz.   $45


Seaweed hydrating mask from Mermaid Beauty Skin Care

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