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seaweed skincare products, natural skincare products from Mermaid Beauty Skin Care A vital source of life, the sea covers three-quarters of the earth's surface, and contains around sixty different minerals and trace elements.  The majority of these are essential to the human body such as Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Iodine, Potassium, Copper, and Iron.  Seaweed themselves grow in the most natural way possible.  There is no genetic manipulation, fertilizer, or pesticides, just the sea, light, and the tides.  Also, seaweed's lack of roots necessitates the absorption of nutritive substances from seawater itself.  Because of this, seaweed is noted for being ten times richer in trace elements than land plants.  Seaweed captures all the richness from the sea.  Seaweed is simply a concentration of seawater and is similar to the human plasma.  Therefore, it serves as an ideal medium to deliver all the nutritive benefits from the sea to the skin.  The benefits are: rehydrating, rebalancing, remineralizing, nourishing, cell regenerating, detoxifying, purifying, and oxygenating.  Seaweed penetrates the skin easily and makes it soft, supple, smooth and firm.  A great advantage is that it suits all skin types and leaves you with dramatic results. 

Seaweed is also edible, and has long been a dietary staple among the Japanese who recognize the high mineral content from this miracle of the sea.  We need minerals to live, stabilize our cells, construct tissues, produce energy, and synthesize hormones.  It also regulates thyroid imbalances, activates the metabolism and helps eliminate toxins through the skin. Seaweed can be divided into four groups on the basis of color. Here are a few varieties that are commonly used in skin care preparations:
  • Green (enteromorpha compressa, spirulina)
  • Blue (chrithmum)
  • Brown (fucus, laminara)
  • Red (ahnfeltia concinna, Hawaiian seaweed, chondrus, lithothammum)
More than 20,000 varieties of seaweed are found in various parts of the world. The main areas of seaweed growth, where one can be assured of non-pollutants are Hawaii, Brazil, and off the coast of Brittany (France).

With this precious gift from nature, we enhance our total health and beauty in a natural manner, from the sea, the source of our origins, which is there to maintain and restore this organic equilibrium as well as reverse the aging process.

Seaweed is truly a treasure from the sea.

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